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About Work At Home Choice

workathomechoice.com is a blog written and updated by Chris H. I am an everyday 9-5 worker who is looking to find and collate the best ways to move towards a self employed freelance lifestyle. Join me in my journey as I document my experience of the current issues around self employment in the UK and the freelance world.

I have spent a lot of time working online the last few years in my 9-5, and started my career by creating a craft website that made money online for my parents. This success then development into an online role that enabled me to join different agencies and market my skills there. Although my current job is a 9-5 working for some of the biggest clients in the UK, I have picked up a lot of skills from the freelance world and in my industry there is a lot of freelance work available.

Work at Home choice

For a lot of people at the moment working at home in the UK is not a choice and due to the lockdowns this year a lot of people have been told that they have to work from home.

Part of the reason I created this blog was that I realised that after effectively trialling working from home this year, a lot of people will now be on the look out for remote jobs and jobs that they can do from the comfort of their own home.

If you read or watch the news, then it seems the media would make us believe that workers “Can’t wait to get back to the office!” I think for a lot of people the opposite has been true and a lot of people who previously would have shunned working from home are now seeing it as an opportunity for them to escape the 9-5 and becoming more financially independent.

Everyone has a number

If you think of it, how much income a month would you require to be consistently happy every month knowing that all your expenses were covered and that you didn’t have to worry about anything during the month? £1,000, £2000, £3000, £4000… £10000?!

The good news is there are definitely ways to make this kind of income being self employed and working freelance. The bad news is that you will have to put in some serious effort into getting to this level if you are to stand any chance of escaping. So the first stage really is being honest with yourself and understanding whether you are ready to start your journey into self employment and freelancing and make it your full time work.

What type of person would find this blog useful?

This blog will aim to be useful to people who are looking to step away from their 9-5 and develop passive income streams which they can develop into their main income over time. That is my current aim and I am working towards that at the moment.

This is not a get rich quick type blog, but one that is showing you the process for preparing to become independent and not financially reliant on a “Traditional” style of employment. I have spent the last 8-10 years creating websites and marketing them, watching tutorials on youtube, Udemy and others. Hopefully this blog will condense all that knowledge into one place that you will be able to learn some new skills from.

Thank you, good luck on your own personal journey, and hope you enjoy the blog!